Thursday , October 19 2017
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Mr. Royal Bobblehead

Mr. Royal Bobblehead The Kansas City Royals are honoring this throwback day with a throwback giveaway. To be honest I’ve never heard of Mr. Royal ever before and I can’t find that much information on him. Well after looking some more I found out he was on a 1979 program. I do think that he’s pretty unique. He reminds me of …

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Camouflage Jersey

Picture: Game Info: Monday May 26th 7:10 pm vs. Astros Age Given To: Everyone Amount Given Out : 10,000 Summary: No don’t go to this promotion. Don’t go. Don’t support teams that do this. It’s one of the most stupid things out there. It’s almost as bad as the flag desecration uniforms. This is something that needs to be eliminated from …

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Monarchs Fedora

Picture: Game Info: Sunday May 18th 1:10 pm vs. Orioles Age Given To: Everyone Amount Given Out : 10,000 Summary:  The Royals are honoring Negro Leagues Day and Dressed to the Nines by giving out a fedora. I’m not a big fan of fedoras. This fedora has no particular wow factor. As you can see it’s white with a black …

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