Thursday , October 19 2017
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Orioles Floppy Hat

Game Info: Friday June 27th 7:05 pm vs. Rays Age Given To: 21 and older Amount Given Out : 20,000 Summary: 21 and older? If you guessed that it must have  something alcohol related to it you’d be correct. Just because Miller Lite is sponsoring it means you can’t get this gift unless you are over 21. I don’t mind …

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Mother’s Day Cap

Game Info: Sunday May 11th 1:35 pm vs. Astros Age Given To: 18 and older Amount Given Out : 20,000 Women Summary:  Hats are a usual giveaway at games for any occasion. The Orioles make now exception and give out a hat for mother’s day. Although it’s not the usual pink item for mother’s day that oh so many teams …

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