Thursday , October 19 2017

Recent Promotions

Cardinals’ Tote Bag

Picture: Game Info: Saturday June 21st 3:10 pm vs. Phillies Age Given To: 16 and older Amount Given Out : 25,000 Summary: I’m not a big tote bag guy. I have never used one, I will probably never use one. I’ll admit that it’s a pretty unique promotions and would be great for someone who uses tote bags. I don’t …

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Kids’ Yasiel Puig Fathead

Picture: Game Info: Sunday April 6th 1:10 pm vs. Giants Age Given To: 14 years and under Amount Given Out : 15,000 Kids Summary: I’m a fan of Fatheads. I’ve always wanted to have one. I think that the Dodgers did a great job with this promotion, pending size. Just by the picture I don’t know whether it will be …

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